Small steps to quit fast fashion for good


We need to change our behaviour and give up our fast fashion addiction - here's why...

In 2010 over 150 billion items of new articles of clothing were produced, enough for twenty new items for every one on the planet. But due to diminishing quality and cheap fabrics, how long is that new piece going to last before you need to go back for more?

I get that it’s hard to resist that new top in the shop window and the fast paced turn around of trends and seasons. 

But evidence shows most of these items will end up in landfill after having shed trillions of microfibres of plastic made from crude oil.

While we wait for the researchers to grow new biodegradable fabrics from fungi, we should take action and begin to make an impact ourselves. 

Here are a few tips to get on track and help reverse our addiction to fast fashion and you may discover you are looking more fabulous than ever!

Think about what’s driving you to shop

More often that not, it’s not that you are in desperate need for a new pair of jeans that sends you into H&M or Topshop each weekend. It often stems from the pressure to keep up with the latest trends, with what your friends are wearing, or just from boredom, and the need for that little kick we get from a quick purchase.

Next weekend, rather than gravitate to the shops, grab your friends and go for lunch, head to a gallery or museum and see the latest blockbuster exhibition. If stress is a motivation to shop, go for a walk in the park or try taking a yoga class instead.

It’s not always easy, changing habits never is, but we’ve all got to start somewhere!

Cut out temptation

With our Instagram feeds full of influencers and celebrities showing off the latest dress or pair of heels, it’s hard not to feel a little jealous! It might be nice to scroll through them, but I’ve recently started unfollowing some of these accounts, removing that visual draw. Also, unsubscribe from all those shop mailing lists you’re on, they’re like a gateway drug! Follow sustainable brands or ethical vintage boutiques. Get your fix from a good place! Some good examples are Thought, P.i.C Style and People Tree.

Find ethical ways to shop 

So what do we do when we really do need that new pair of jeans, or an outfit for a special occasion? Shop sustainable, shop vintage! Head to your local vintage boutique or find a gem in a charity shop, log on to Etsy or ASOS Marketplace, or shop on That Girl In Green of course!

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